Tad Speaks – Going Against His Programming

There was a big storm that swept through the area on Tuesday night.  (Of course there was – it ALWAYS storms when Ressis is here!)  While we managed to hang on to our power this time (unlike in August), the school district was hit hard.  By Wednesday morning, 22 of 31 schools had no power, and district policy says that when at least half the schools have no power, school is canceled for everyone.  So it was a snow day without any snow to play in.

The kids and I had a Doctor Who marathon, but I was able to take Tad to his speech therapist appointment.  We had tentatively canceled, because power was out at the office.  But when she texted me that the power was back and she was available, I got Tad there.  He was driving me nuts.  You just can’t take away this kid’s schedule.  By the time I got him to speech, he was bouncing off walls and scripting like mad, reciting entire scenes from whatever was popping into his head.  Even his speech therapist was staring at him, trying to get him to calm down.  Finally, I stepped in and grabbed Tad’s face, making him look in my eyes.  “Tad, you need to stop and focus now.”

Tad made eye contact with me.  “Sorry, my internal parameters won’t let me stop until I’m all finished.”

I blinked.  “Did you just say ‘internal parameters’?”

“Yeah, I got that from Inside Out.”

And THAT is why I got him to therapy yesterday.

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