Rerun Does Cosplay

Okay, the kids are addicted.  Wherever Ane, leads, Tad and Rerun follow.  But I buy the kid a bow tie, thinking about next Halloween, and this happens:

Rerun, the Eleventh Doctor

Little poser

So much for next Halloween.  These were taken Friday night.  He insisted on wearing the shirt and bow tie all day Saturday.  Then he wanted to wear them on Sunday.  We swapped out the shirt for a blue plaid, but the bow tie blended well.

It’s a little less conspicuous than an entire raccoon outfit.

But it tickles me immensely how much he loves to pretend and dress up as a variety of characters.

One Response to “Rerun Does Cosplay”

  1. Ressis
    November 23rd, 2015 05:11

    I love bow ties on little boys! So dapper!