Rerun’s Artistic Expression

I had a very productive parent-teacher conference with Rerun’s teachers yesterday.  We discussed his academic achievements, and discussed ways of keeping him focused and calm at school, especially when he gets frustrated.  We’re going to introduce some of the same strategies that we’ve used with Tad, and see if they work effectively.

But after the meeting was over, Mrs. M and Mrs. L said I needed to see the picture that Rerun had painted last week.  The entire class had painted fall trees as an art project.  The picture I took didn’t get all 20+ trees in it, but Rerun’s is somewhere in this picture.

Kindergarten trees

Try and guess which one it is, then click the “more” tag to see if you were right.

Rerun's tree

Did you guess right?  (The Webmaster didn’t.)

His teachers said that they were just “blown away” by his painting, and that he is quite a little artist.  I did say, “Well, it looks like some of the other kids drew branches…”

Mrs. M said, “Not like that.”

I guess I’d better let him do some painting while he’s not in school and let him tap into his art genes.

2 Responses to “Rerun’s Artistic Expression”

  1. linda
    November 24th, 2015 10:02

    Looks like Rerun inherited his Great Great Great Grandma Clarice’s painting Talent! Way to go, Rerun!
    But, I picked the chocolate cake tree for yours!

  2. Nana
    November 25th, 2015 08:36

    I picked the most advanced picture, and that was it! I could brag that he’s got my artistic genes, but I have tossed most of my paintings. Hope he has fun with art!