Christmastime Is Here

Well, in the front yard, at least.

Snoopy has landed!

I bought this after Christmas last year.  I had seen it during the Christmas season and thought it was just adorable… but not full price adorable.  (Full price was something like $90.  Nope.)  But once Christmas was over, and the floor model (that was missing the yard stakes and the box) was all that was left… it was $33 worth of adorable.  Which was an offer I couldn’t refuse.  Plus, the boys were with me and they fully endorsed this purchase.

Of course, once I got it home and stored in the shed, they promptly forgot all about it.  Then the Webmaster put up the lights on the house on Sunday afternoon, and strung two strands of pearl lights around the front hydrangea bush, and plugged in and propped up Snoopy’s doghouse against it for support (no yard stakes, so the bush is helping it stay upright), and the kids were in love.

It looks really cute, but our neighbors two doors down have been beating us in the Christmas light department ever since they moved in.  They have the Darth Vader and Yoda Christmas lawn figures, and this year they added R2-D2.

I wonder if I can find some more Peanuts lawn ornaments on sale after Christmas this year….

One Response to “Christmastime Is Here”

  1. linda
    December 1st, 2015 09:27

    Cute! Did you watch the Peanuts 50th Anniversary Special last night? Wonderful to hear, on TV, the real reason for Christmas!
    Love to All!