Company Christmas Party

For the first time in six or seven years, the Webmaster is working for a company that throws Christmas parties.  And we got to go!  We hired Auntie for the evening, and off we went!

At the party

The party was semi-formal, so I got my hair done and pulled out one of my “party” dresses.

All dressed up

It was a very nice dinner, and I met several of the Webmaster’s new coworkers, but he’s only been there a little over a month, so even he doesn’t know that many people.  But it was nice to talk to people who don’t call me “Mom” for a change.

One Response to “Company Christmas Party”

  1. linda
    December 8th, 2015 15:10

    ‘Mom’, you and ‘Dad’ look smashing!
    What a lovely couple of pictures!
    Thank you for reminding us of the ‘two of you’!
    Hugs from the two of us!