The Last Domino Falls Down

Poor Tad.  We discovered yesterday morning that nope, he hadn’t managed to escape the stomach bug.  He threw up at some point during the night, but didn’t make a mess in his bed – just a little in the hallway and a little in the bathroom.  He took care of it himself, and didn’t bother to wake us or tell us until morning.

Sick Day on the Couch

And while he was in good spirits and not overly sick (he did not vomit again), he had most of his energy zapped.  He didn’t stir off the couch for most of the day, and watched “Batman: The Animated Series” and “LEGO DC Comics Superheroes” while relaxing.  He dozed off and on, took a bath after dinner (he kept dinner down), and got tucked into bed with the iPad and “Prehistoric Sharks” to wind down.

I think he’ll be in good shape for school tomorrow, though he will probably be very tired by the end of the day.

One Response to “The Last Domino Falls Down”

  1. Nana
    December 17th, 2015 07:57

    He managed the bug well! Maybe the bug is getting tired now and you will escape?!