Christmas 2015 Recap: Part 2

Christmas morning!  The stockings are full, the tree has presents underneath!

Santa came!

And in the morning, I found these three fakers lying in wait in the living room.

No, they aren't really asleep

No, they aren’t really sleeping.  They’re just being funny.  And they were ready to get started!

Tad holds his stocking

There were LEGO sets…

LEGOs for Rerun!

LEGOs for Tad!

… and Star Wars toys.

Tad gets a new X-wing

Die cast ships for Thumper

And a certain someone finally got the sonic screwdriver that she’d been hoping for.

So happy

I'm sonicing you

And Santa brought Rerun that Nerf zombie blaster gun he wanted.


But we had to hustle and keep these guys moving, because we had to get to Grandma and Gichan’s!  So we got dressed and posed for our annual tree picture.

Christmas 2015

And we took off.  Late.  Again.

2 Responses to “Christmas 2015 Recap: Part 2”

  1. linda
    December 30th, 2015 08:43

    Wonderful and fun moments in time!
    You are a Beautiful Family!
    Happy 2016!

  2. Ressis
    December 31st, 2015 07:02

    It’s good to know that zombies won’t survive an invasion of your house.