Lights Off

The older two boys are notorious for leaving lights on all over the house.  With Tad, it’s a combination of forgetfulness and his very real dislike of the dark.  With Rerun – he’s five-going-on-six, and I have more hope of correcting him.

I walked into the boys’ room to find the light on – again.  And this time, the door had been closed, so I couldn’t see the light from the hallway.

“Why are the lights on in here?” I asked the ceiling, rhetorically.

Rerun, who had followed me into the room, replied, “Oh, I didn’t turn them off.”

“And you closed the door?”


So much for trying to correct him.  “When you leave a room, you need to remember to turn the lights off!” I reminded him again.

“Okay,” Rerun replied.  Then he walked out of the room, turned the lights off on his way out, and shut the door.

“I’M STILL IN HERE,” I said loudly in a dark room.

Rerun opened the door.  “Oops.”

I should have seen that coming.

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