Zoo Again, Zoo Again

Actually, we haven’t been to the zoo in a while!  The kids’ schedule has been nuts, so it was last summer when we last strolled in.  But we had an odd day off for the end of the semester, and we were the only district not in school.  Which meant good parking was plentiful, even in the afternoon!  The day was mild and slightly misty at times, which gave us this pretty picture going in:

Rainbow over the zoo

The older boys voted for the penguins first, and I got a good shot of all four kids in the cave there.

Kids at the penguin exhibit cave

Then Tad attempted to introduce himself to a penguin.

The kids try to talk to the penguin

After convincing Tad to get down, the penguin continued to eye this strange boy.

The penguin eyes Tad

We moved on before Tad could try and climb in.  He actually asked what would happen if he did.  “You would be kicked out of the zoo,” I told him.  That made an impression on him.

The tigers were taking a nap, but they were right next to the glass!

Sleepy tigers

This is the closest the boys will ever get to “petting” a tiger.

"Pet" the tiger

Then one of the tigers rolled over.  He looked like he wanted a tummy rub!

Rub my belly

His brother probably wanted to get those paws out of his face.

Ow.  My face.

I was just glad to get the kids out of the house today.  Fresh air, sunshine, burning off energy outside… it was great.

Playing the drum

And we finished the outing with treats.


At least we did something fun that they can talk about at school!

One Response to “Zoo Again, Zoo Again”

  1. Nana
    January 27th, 2016 08:33

    Fun at the zoo, and a new tattoo (according to the last shot)!!