Learn to Crochet on the Internet

My friend C., some years ago now, convinced me to take up crochet when I expressed interest in learning a yarn art.  Mostly because I was sitting in a lot of waiting rooms, and taking a giant cross-stitch frame with me to work on wasn’t practical.  So C. taught me the basics, and then we both got really busy.  She would occasionally check in on me, but I was kind of on my own.  And reading directions was worse than reading Japanese.  I know what they are trying to say, but it just made no sense.

Enter the internet.  And enter instructional YouTube videos and step-by-step picture instructions.

It’s like taking a class anytime you want!

My first really ambitious project that was internet-taught was the baby blanket I made for Baby Cousin this last summer.  (Everything I had made up to that point had been scarves, and one very plain blanket.)  I found a tutorial on the shell stitch, and a pattern, and I was off and running.

Baby Cousin's blanket, in progress

Finished folded blanket

I liked the shell stitch so much that I made a boy version of this blanket for Tad’s ABA therapist and her new baby.

Boy shell stitch blanket

I used a variegated yarn, which was a lot easier than changing colors every single row.

I’ve been working on a wool scarf for the Webmaster, but it’s been slow going because I’ve been doing a front-loop, back-loop pattern (which means I need to be paying attention to where my hook is going).  Then I got interrupted to whip up a fast baby blanket for a friend who was hospitalized before her little boy was born.  I picked a super plushy and bulky yarn that made a wonderfully soft blanket very fast.

Quick baby blanket

Super bulky soft yarn

I had talked to this same friend about making a special blanket for her three year old son who is a Captain America fan.  And then I found the perfect pattern.  The instructions were a little daunting, but then… I found a YouTube tutorial video for the blanket, using the same instructions.

Working in rounds

And voila!  I was crocheting in rounds, and increasing!  It looks complicated, but once I mastered the pattern, it went fast.

Circle finished

And then I had to make the star.  I sat in front of the video and counted every stitch.  This was easily the most difficult part.  And I guess it didn’t turn out too badly!

Star on, blanket finished!

I can’t wait to give it to him!  It’s just so amazing what I’ve managed to pick up without anything more than internet searches and YouTube!

And I’m still trying to finish the Webmaster’s scarf.

2 Responses to “Learn to Crochet on the Internet”

  1. Ressis
    January 27th, 2016 07:19

    I LOVE the blanket you made for Baby Cousin. It’s so beautiful and delicate-looking that I don’t let anyone touch it! And it made a special appearance in her 6-week-old portraits.

    I used to crochet, but I just didn’t love it. I agree that cross-stitch isn’t portable, so I don’t get to so it as much as I did before Baby Cousin was born. 🙁 Maybe once Little Hawk is in preschool I can get more stitching done.

  2. Nana
    January 27th, 2016 08:30

    Love the internet! Mary Lou loved crocheting and I love knitting. Looks like you enjoy making and sharing works of art….