Baseball in January!

While we do love our Seahawks, we are really a baseball family.  With Auntie working at the Mariners FanFest this last weekend, we decided to go and make a day of it on Saturday with the kids!

At Safeco Field!

Yes, that’s Auntie working in the background over there on the right.

The weather was decidedly cold, though we did get a few sunbreaks every now and then.  But what really chilled us was the wind.  Brrrrrr!  It was sweeping through the stadium pretty thoroughly.  The kids were troopers, though, and they had a good time!  The one thing that the older three came prepared to do was play catch out on the field.  The line was long, but moved rather briskly.  Thumper wasn’t old enough to play catch (so says Mom and Dad, not the Mariners, and he would have probably ducked under a rope and run off), so he and I hung out in the front row to watch.

Watching the action

The older kids were pretty excited…

Waiting to play catch in left field

… but we learned quickly that the boys need more time playing catch in the backyard.  Also, playing catch three ways is a little hard for the Webmaster.

We also got to walk around the bases and go into the dugout.

Rerun on first base

On the dugout bench

We also wandered over to places we never go during games, like the Mariners Hall of Fame and Museum area.  We found the most fun photo op there – the chance to reenact a Griffey home-run-robbing-catch.

Rerun poses at the wall

Tad poses at the wall

It has these pegs in the wall that you can stand on and lean on, and the mitt (with the ball glued in) is anchored to the wall with a wire.  It makes for a great picture!

And you may notice that Tad is wearing his Seahawks hoodie pullover sweatshirt in most of these pictures.  (He’s wearing his special Iwakuma no-hitter t-shirt underneath it.  We got him that shirt because Iwakuma threw the no-hitter on Tad’s 10th birthday.)  Well, we fixed that and borrowed Auntie (and her employee discount) and bought him a Mariners hoodie pullover sweatshirt, which he instantly loved.  There’s nothing Tad loves as much as being comfy and cozy.  Ane also got a new t-shirt, and we found a sale one for Thumper as well.

Now, all we need is for the season to start!

Pitchers and catchers report in 18 days!!!!

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  1. linda
    February 1st, 2016 08:30

    What a FUN day!
    Happy Memories for all!