Rough Trip

Ane and Auntie made it to upstate New York, but it wasn’t without some drama.  Their flight left verrrrrry early in the morning on Saturday (6 am).  We knew they had a long cross-country flight ahead of them, which would land in Newark, New Jersey, to catch a connecting flight to Syracuse, New York.

We finally got a text from Auntie’s cell saying that they’d landed, but it was Ane texting.  The landing in Newark had been horrible, and Auntie (along with others on the flight) had gotten sick.  In Auntie’s case, her motion sickness was so bad that paramedics were called to check her out.  And all the while, Ane was texting us from Auntie’s phone.  And of course, they were on their own there – Ressis and Oddball were still one plane ride away.

Fortunately, Auntie was cleared to fly, and managed to recover while their plane was delayed (for a mechanical fix).  The second flight was much smoother, and they landed to find Oddball waiting for them in Syracuse – along with a blizzard.  Yeah, it was more than freezing cold when they arrived – more like -20 degrees at least.  Oddball followed a snowplow or two home, and they finally arrived safely at Ressis and Oddball’s house to a happy welcoming committee.

I’ve gotten a few texts from Ane and she’s having a great time with her cousins.

The house is oddly quiet without her, and the boys are kind of mopey.  They know that Ane is “in New York,” but seem to think that Auntie should be at Grandma and Gichan’s house.  We have to keep reminding them that Auntie went with Ane to New York.

Well, time to keep the boys busy!

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