Party Weekend

Ane may have had quite a lot of fun in New York, but Tad and Rerun had some birthday parties to go to!

Rerun was invited to a Pump it Up birthday party for a classmate.  Tad was also invited to come along.  The party was happening at the same time as Ane was arriving home, so the Webmaster took Thumper to go to the airport, and I took the boys to the party.

They had a blast.

Bubble machine fun!

Pump it Up, bubbles, and blocks

The one very funny part was when Rerun got a look at the birthday cake.  He shares a name with the birthday boy, and the cake – which had the name on it –  nearly brought him to tears.  “The cake’s not for ME,” he sniffled.  I nearly fell apart laughing.

The next day, Tad was invited to his classmate’s birthday party (no other siblings were invited).  We arrived to find The Reptile Man (everyone’s absolute favorite local zoologist, who goes around to schools to do assemblies) there to do his birthday party show!  It included snakes, lizards, a giant tortoise, and an alligator.

Tad was thrilled when the kids got to pet the python…

Tad and kids hold a python

… and he could hold Lucy the alligator…

Tad and Lucy

… and they were allowed to feed the tortoise carrots.

Tad feeds the tortoise

That was probably one of the best birthday parties Tad has been to, and one he won’t forget anytime soon!  After all, how often can you safely hug an alligator?

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  1. Nana
    February 24th, 2016 09:02

    HOW FUN !!!!!