If A Loose Tooth Falls In the Forest…

Tad had his six month orthodontic checkup over midwinter break.  Ever since the kids went in for their initial orthodontic assessments, we’ve been bringing Tad back every six months to see how much longer it will be before we can start with him.  At his last appointment, we learned that the last two baby teeth that he needs to lose were starting to wiggle a bit.  (The boy has been dropping teeth like crazy over the last year.)

Sunday morning, he informed us that the upper canine was “really wiggly.”  Well, not really.  I could wiggle it, and there was give, but it was still pretty firmly fastened to the gum.  So we told him to keep working it.

Then he begged Grandma to pull it while we were at church.  It was looser, but still not ready.  So he kept working it, and asking me to check on it.  It was getting there, but I honestly didn’t think it was going to come out.

He kept wiggling, but he was beginning to suffer from sensory overload.  The looseness of the tooth had him on edge, and he wanted it GONE.  Not for the money, but because it would stop bothering him!

So, once we were home from church, he pleaded with me to pull it.  I finally cut a wad of gauze, and took hold of the tooth.  I wiggled and pulled, but it wasn’t giving – though it definitely felt much looser.  I stopped, but Tad insisted.  So I pulled again – and out it came!

I showed it to Tad.  “TIMBER!!!!” he yelled.
Timber?  Are we logging the teeth out of his mouth?  It was pretty funny.
Tad didn’t even flinch once while I was pulling.  Of course, this is the same kid who pulled the last loose tooth that he had on his own, so I really shouldn’t be surprised.
We’re one more tooth away from braces!  Which, as both the orthodontist and I know, is going to be a sensory nightmare for Tad.  Can’t say I’m really looking forward to it.

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