Gichan Pillow

I was out at a late meeting on Saturday night, which meant the kids got to bed late, which meant pulling them out of bed on Sunday morning was… not fun.

Between fatigue and his tooth, Tad was totally zoned out.  Good thing Gichan is willing to be a pillow.

Gichan and Tad

However, we’ve managed to break Tad of needing the iPad and headphones while in service – and it was a team effort, so GO TEAM FAMILY!  If he needs a few more hugs to get through the preaching, it’s really not a big deal to me.  Of course, we’ve been keeping Thumper with us in service (while germs and viruses are being freely passed around in the nursery between kids during this time of year), so now our challenge is to keep him from singing during the preaching.  It doesn’t sound good when your toddler busts out with the Star Wars theme while the pastor is talking.

One Response to “Gichan Pillow”

  1. Ressis
    March 2nd, 2016 05:13

    If he ever does that again please record a video and post it for me!