Knee Surgery Shuffle

The Webmaster has had a knee surgery (a meniscectomy, to be exact) scheduled for a few weeks, and it finally happened yesterday.  Of course, it was scheduled on a Tuesday, the busiest day of the week.

But right before the day really started going, I got a phone call from the Autism Center.  Tad’s therapist couldn’t make it to his session, so that freed up my afternoon (with a timely assist from Auntie – I really am going to miss not having her at Tad’s school in a month).

I dropped the Webmaster off at work in the morning for one more meeting, while I took Rerun and Thumper to their annual well-child checkups.  Once the checkups were over, I picked the Webmaster up, got Rerun off to school, and drove the Webmaster to the surgery center.  Because of the timing, I couldn’t stay – I was going to have to pick up Rerun at school (as I usually do on Tuesdays) and then run back to the surgery center at that point, which was supposed to be about the time the Webmaster would be coming out of surgery.

Auntie brought Tad home for me (so no one had to meet the bus), and I gave Ane special permission to let him play Xbox while she worked on homework.  The two of them behaved quite well while we were gone.

The surgery center is where the Webmaster had his previous shoulder surgery, and where Rerun had his tonsils out.  He didn’t seem to remember that as we walked into the building, but the second we walked back into the prep/recovery area to see the Webmaster (surgery prep is on one side of the room, recovery on the other side, with the nurses’ station in the middle), all of Rerun’s memories came flooding back.  “Oh, no, not again!!!!” he cried.

The nurses burst into laughter (and I saw some of the other patients in the recovery area also crack a smile) as I sighed and said, “No, Rerun, DAD is here.  YOU are not the patient this time!!”

The Webmaster and Rerun

The Webmaster was recovering nicely, but was still quite fuzzy and groggy from the general anesthesia.  We finally got on our way about 40 minutes later, with a stop to pick up his pain meds and dinner on the way home.

Give him a few days, and he’ll be feeling a lot better.

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