Mommy’s Boy

The big news of the moment is that Thumper will be starting preschool VERY soon!

As in, Monday.  On his birthday.

I got the official word yesterday, and his IEP is all written, and he is officially registered with the school district.

Last Friday, he spent about a half hour in his new class, meeting other students and interacting with his new teacher.  I wasn’t there for it (I took coffee to Auntie next door and hung out there until it was time to pick him up), but I heard at yesterday’s meeting that he had handled it all very well.

Later that day, though, I was getting a haircut, and even though both Rerun and Thumper were with me, they had iPads to play with, so they were fine.  At least, Rerun was.  Thumper decided that he had spent enough time away from Mommy.

This was the result.

Hiding under the cape

Fortunately, my stylist managed to finish the cut before he insisted on being in my lap (and under the cape).  She was laughing as she dried and styled my hair, with Thumper’s legs sticking out from under the cape.  She took the picture for me.

We might need to schedule in a few more snuggles once school starts.

One Response to “Mommy’s Boy”

  1. Linda Lansberry
    March 17th, 2016 07:41

    Thank you for making me laugh!