March Birthday Party Time!

Otherwise known as, “two birthdays for the price of only cleaning up the house ONCE.”  Not really, but you get the idea.

Thumper and Rerun at their party

The themes were Star Wars for Thumper:

Darth Vader cake

And Pac-Man for Rerun:

Pac-Man mini cakes

The Darth Vader cake was courtesy of the same cake pan I used for Rerun’s third birthday in 2013.  After a great deal of thought, I covered a cake board in black cardstock and made a video game background (not to scale and not accurate at all, but looked good) and made a batch of Rerun’s favorite lemon pound cakes in the mini size.  A little fondant went a long way for Pac-Man and the ghosts (I hand shaped all of them and made a few knife cuts, and drew pupils on the white fondant eyes with a black food coloring pen).  Rerun was SO happy with his birthday “cake,” which made it worth the effort.

Darth Vader was a big theme for Thumper’s gifts.  The action figure…

Vader action figure

… the mask…

Vader mask

… the new bath towel…

Vader towel

… and a Darth Vader bear from Build-A-Bear!

Vader bear

Rerun’s were more varied.  He got LEGO sets…

His own Doctor Who LEGO set

… a reversible Superman-to-Batman cape…

Reversible cape!

… an Angry Birds Space board game (which we played after the party)…

Angry Birds game

… and a Nerf bow and dart set from Auntie.  No, she didn’t consult us.  Yes, he loves it.

Taking aim

The boys got plenty of attention and cake.

Thumper with his cake

Rerun and his cake

It was a very successful party!

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