Thumper’s First Day of School!

It was a VERY big day!  Monday was Thumper’s first day of preschool, as well as being his 3rd birthday!  We took our traditional first day of school pictures (never had to do this in March before)…

First day of preschool!

Our three year old preschooler

… and then I drove him to school.

We're here!

He wore his backpack while we walked up to meet his teacher (and my picture-taking blocked several other parents who just wanted to drop off and then get back to their cars).

Wearing his backpack, taking it in

He was so adorable, but this was very emotional for his mother!

We met up with his teacher (who he had met a couple of times before)…

Meeting the teacher

… and then he sat down on the bench with the rest of the class, waiting to line up and go inside.

Waiting patiently

He did not cry when I left, but I got a little teary as I drove away.

I picked him up 2 and a half hours later, and he was happy to see me!  But he had done very well, his teacher reported.  Yesterday, the Webmaster dropped him off in the morning and I picked him up when he was done, and his teacher said that he had behaved very well and seemed to be picking up the routines.

He has Wednesdays off, and then it’s back to school for Thursday and Friday!  What a big boy he’s become!

2 Responses to “Thumper’s First Day of School!”

  1. Ressis
    March 23rd, 2016 05:23

    That’s it! Baby Cousin is not allowed to grow up, she’s staying a sweet little baby and will be at home with me forever!

    And Thumper is so photogenic; he has the sweetest face!

  2. Linda Lansberry
    March 23rd, 2016 07:31

    Handsome as ever!
    New Horizons loom for this one! We look forward to sharing the Adventures!