There Are Prizes???

I made the mistake of taking Tad grocery shopping with me.  And thanks to the new movie coming out, Batman and Superman are EVERYWHERE on products.  Chip bags, crackers, drinks, cereal – there they are.  And if there is a Batman, Tad will see it.

We were walking down the cereal aisle when he spotted Batman again.  This time, certain boxes of cereal were advertising that they had Batman v. Superman comic books inside.

Cue Tad’s begging.  The kid cannot turn down a comic book.  Much less a “free” one in a cereal box as a “prize.”

I ended up buying one box of Cocoa Puffs and one of Golden Grahams, with the caveat being that Tad must eat them and not pawn them off on his siblings.  (The siblings can eat them, but Tad is not allowed to stop eating them.  After all, he’s the one who wants the comic books.)

So far, he’s holding up his end of the deal.

Tad and his Cocoa Puffs and comic book

Hopefully, he gets a different comic book in the next box, or we might end up getting a lot of cereal eaten in this house.

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