Shopping at the Fruit Market

Now that Thumper is in school four days a week, and I’m picking him up when his day is done, I have a chance to stop off at the grocery store if needed.

Or, if I think about it ahead of time, and go a slightly different direction, I can detour to Yakima Fruit Market.  They opened up for the year earlier this month, and since what I really needed was produce, I decided to take Thumper and Rerun there right after preschool.  I tried to remind Rerun of what the market was like, but it took walking in to really jog his memory.


Rerun sits on the rooster

And Rerun pretty much spent our entire short stop there either sitting on the rooster or dancing around in glee.  Which meant his little brother had to do the work.

Thumper pushing the cart

I thought this was the most adorable scene.

Got the green onions...

Thumper was so earnest and cute, but the cart was just a little too big for him.

I'm not fast, but I am adorable

So I eventually took over pushing while he held my hand, and I tried to corral Rerun.  We bought onions and apples, and then we were back in the car, heading home for lunch.

If I can keep the dancing bean focused and not jumping all over the market, then maybe we can stop here more often.

One Response to “Shopping at the Fruit Market”

  1. Linda Lansberry
    March 30th, 2016 08:29

    Just set the ‘rooster’ running after Rerun while you shop!
    Thumper is working way too hard at his young age!
    Love the imagery!