Rerun Knows What Is Best In Life

That would be the free lollipop and coffee he gets once a week at Trader Joe’s.

Stopping for a sweet and a cuppa joe

We go there once a week, because there is one near Tad’s speech therapist.  So, I drop Tad off, and then Rerun and I go shopping.  (Ane prefers to stay home and get her homework done, and since she is now old enough, she “watches” Thumper while he takes his afternoon nap.)  I have a set list of things I always get at Trader Joe’s – the little boys love the yogurt cups, they have the best price on single lemons, pasta, buttermilk, and bags of baby spinach leaves, and their frozen teriyaki chicken is just as good as takeout.

Our store has a little plush frog named Freddy that they hide around the store each day.  When a kid finds Freddy, they can go to the sample station and get a free lollipop.  And their lollipops are really good!  They also have a coffee of the day to sample.  Rerun likes coffee – well, he likes it with cream and sugar – so it’s become a thing that I will make him a half-a-sample-cup of coffee, with cream and sugar.

Living the good life

Because life, even at six years old, is all about taking joy in the simple pleasures.

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