I Didn’t Think This Through

After sending Ane off on a trip for midwinter break, I didn’t necessarily want a boring spring break.  But I didn’t plan on doing many extra things unless they were with friends – or keeping to our regular therapy schedule.  But it’s amazing how things shift around.

While we have met up with Danny and John to play (twice!), I suddenly realized that between regular ABA sessions, a boot camp session that Tad got asked to do, and Thumper’s final assessment in the infant brain study, we are spending a good chunk of spring break down at the university, at the Autism Center.  We’re going to be down there four days in a row, which is pretty unheard of for us.

I’m sure the kids will have glowing tales of this spring break.  I’d better find something fun to do before they go back to school, or all they will be saying is “well, we got to jump and get Menchie’s.”

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