Rerun Speaks: The Stick

Sometimes, Rerun just says things that I know will get everyone else laughing.

We were waiting at the bus stop yesterday, and he was playing with a stick.  Not uncommon.  Then his bus pulled up.

Rerun: “I’m taking the stick to school.”

Me: “No, drop the stick.”

Rerun: “NO, I NEED IT.”

Me: “Drop it!”

Rerun dropped the stick, and then picked up a chunk of bark.  “FINE.”

Me: “You’re not taking bark to school, either.”

Rerun dropped the bark.  “FINE! Then I’m taking THIS!”  He held up… a pine needle.

Me: “Knock yourself out.”

All while the bus driver, who was attempting to crack a rib while holding a laugh in, was waiting.  Such is life with Rerun.

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