Star Wars Kids

Every single kid of mine wore a Star Wars shirt yesterday.  Ane might not have cared so much, but she had an orthodontist appointment scheduled for early morning before school – and the orthodontist’s office sent out an email to all that day’s patients: “wear Star Wars gear, get 5 extra points on your patient card!”  (The “patient card” accumulates points that can be redeemed for prizes.)  Ane was off like a shot to pull out her short-sleeved Star Wars t-shirt for the morning.

I did manage to snap pictures of the little boys.  Thumper has no school on Wednesdays, and Rerun has afternoon kindergarten, so they were able to enjoy the LEGO Star Wars marathon on the Disney Channel that played all morning.

Thumper and Rerun

While holding lightsabers and wearing Star Wars t-shirts.

Little Sith Lord

We are such nerds.

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