Cutest Little Guinea Pig

One thing about constantly being around the Autism Center – everyone knows that you’re constantly around the Autism Center.

So, I got an email asking if Thumper could participate in a demonstration for clinical testing.  The demonstration was being run by the head of the infant study that both Rerun and Thumper have been a part of, so Thumper was already familiar with her.  The only catch was that this demonstration was going to be in front of an audience.  I was pretty sure that wouldn’t faze Thumper, so I agreed to do it.

There were about 30 people there to watch Dr. T run through a play testing demonstration with Thumper, all who were busily taking notes.  These are the clinicians of the future, and they are looking at my baby, taking notes on his behavior, so they can go forth and test other kids.

It was a like being a goldfish in a bowl, especially since I am only supposed to interact with Thumper when he approaches me, or when asked to by Dr. T.  But it went very well, though Thumper was a little distracted by the auditorium and the audience.  We’re doing our part for autism research!

And it doesn’t hurt that Thumper is an awfully cute little guinea pig.


Still, being a test subject is tiring.  He came home and took a two hour nap on my shoulder.

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