At The Beach

Last Friday, I met up with a friend visiting from out of state at the park near the ferry dock.  The older three were in school, so I only had Thumper with me.


And because I knew there was both a playground and a beach, I was smart enough to have Thumper wear boots.  (This did not prevent a wave or two from going over the tops of his boots and soaking his socks anyway.)

Wading in the water

Like his oldest brother, he is drawn to the water – which meant I had to be hyper-vigilant.

Wind in his hair

Fortunately, I could distract him from the water by taking him to the nearby playground.

On the slide

And he loved the large climbing rock – even if it was a little awkward to climb it while wearing rubber boots.

Planking on the rock

King of the rock

He was so enthralled with where we were – and I was catching up with my friend – that I lost track of time, and had to call in emergency backup (Little Mo’s mom) to be at the bus stop for Rerun.  Thumper had a great time, and the older three were a little jealous that they didn’t get to go.  I’ll have to take them down there soon.

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