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I got a Facebook message from one of my friends, G., who asked me “What do I need to know about taking my kids to Point Defiance Zoo?”

From one simple message, we ended up driving to meet G. and her family at the zoo last Saturday.  G. and her husband have 2 boys and a girl, and the boys match Rerun and Thumper in age (Rerun and her oldest, A., are literally two days apart in age), and little sister is about 17 months.  It was so much fun to get together in real life with someone I cross paths with online, but rarely get to see in person unless we just happen to run into each other.

So, we showed them all the secrets of Point Defiance.  We started with the sharks, because, uh, Tad doesn’t know how to not start at the sharks.

Tad at the shark tank

Shark mural


From there, we went to the big attraction of the day – getting to see the 8 week old clouded leopard cubs at their feeding and play time!

Clouded leopard cubs

Seeing baby cubs never gets old.  They are so adorable!

We spent most of the day at the zoo, and covered most of the major things.  That’s the nice thing about Point Defiance – you can see everything in a day and not feel like you’ve been rushed.

Watching the seals

Feeding time for the puffins

Rerun and Tad watch the puffins

Ane and Thumper

We ended the day at the carousel as a special treat for the kids.  This was great until Rerun refused to get off.  We eventually had to intervene, as the poor zoo worker learned that trying to reason with Rerun is a futile effort.

I am not getting off this ride

It was fun to spend time with friends, and show them around the zoo and aquarium that we enjoy so very much.  And we promised to get together some more this summer!

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