Jumpity Jump Jump

Thumper went to the “Happy Zone” last night.

On the trampolines

When he turned 3, he was officially old enough to join the big kids on the big trampolines on special needs nights.  He barely goes into the play area anymore.  He just wants to bounce.  And bounce, and bounce, and bounce.

Rerun spends a lot of time playing the giant floor iPad-thing.

Dancing on the pad

The older kids (we met up with Danny and John and their mom) found out that if they got the grown-ups to fill out customer surveys, they could get a free run through the Lazer Tag Maze.  They had a blast trying that out!

It was so quiet for the first part of the evening, and not really crowded for the second part, either.

Tad on the bench

Which was fine by us!  And the kids begged for Menchies afterward, so the adults caved and took them.  After all, it’s the last week of school!

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  1. linda
    June 14th, 2016 07:16

    You forgot to invite me! Maybe next time?!