Ane and Tad’s Last Day!

I’ve never understood the point of the two-hour last day of school.  It’s nothing more than a glorified party.  Anyway, Ane and Tad went off to their last day with smiles, though Ane was definitely sad.

Ane and Tad at the bus stop

The flowers in Ane’s hand were for her former second-grade teacher, Mrs. B, who is moving to a different school (and different district).  Ane has been helping out in Mrs. B’s class all year long.  The gift bag in her hand was for her sixth-grade teacher, Mrs. R.  Ane bought her an American flag for the classroom, which is one thing they did not have all year.  (Her class was the hastily-converted-at-the-last-minute former reading center room, and there wasn’t a flag in there.)

Tad also had flowers at the bus stop, but I was holding them.  They were for his bus driver, who was retiring from the school district after 26 years of driving buses.  (Bless her.)

The little boys and I were waiting in the van when they got off the bus.  I had presents waiting for them.

New books!

We’ve started a tradition of each kid getting a new book on the last day of school (yes, Thumper and Rerun had to wait), and then going out to lunch.  We drove through the Chick-fil-A drive thru, and I got my first peach shake of the summer (yaaaaay)!!!

Ane has the shakes and a book

And just like that, we kicked off our summer vacation!

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