Thumper, Would You Sleep???

Ever since school got out, Thumper has been refusing to take naps.  I think I can count on one hand the number of times he’s successfully napped in his own bed here at home.

He’s just not tired enough at naptime.  He didn’t have to get up early, he isn’t being run as hard, so why does he need to rest?

Of course, this means that he’s attempting to fall asleep over his dinner almost every evening – which means that the second we start to see a head bob, we hustle him out of the highchair and try to keep him up for a little while longer.  Most of the time, we’re successful, and then just put him to bed a little earlier.

I have tried pleading.  I’ve tried tough love.  I’ve tried checking on him every 30 minutes.

But if he’s awake, then the second that door opens, he wants out.

How many more days until school starts, again?

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