Hawaii, Day Three – High Winds on the North Shore

Our third day in Hawaii was supposed to fulfill all of Tad’s dreams.  This was the day that he and the Webmaster were going to head up to the North Shore, and go on a shark cage dive.

On the boat, on the way out

And we were all excited for him!

And then I got a text about an hour after they left.  They had gotten out to the shark cage (anchored 3 miles offshore), but the winds were too strong and creating huge waves.  The dive company decided they couldn’t risk putting people in the cage and having them battered around in there.  So they canceled the rest of the dives for the day.

I don’t think I have to tell you that there were tears.  Tad could see the sharks from the boat, but it isn’t the same as being IN the water.

The minute they were back at the dock, the Webmaster got the dive rescheduled.  Fortunately, we had a few days to work with, so the dive pre-empted a previously planned hike, and they would be going out on Tuesday morning instead.

After they got back to the house, we decided to head back up to the North Shore (Haleiwa, specifically) and get some lunch and go shopping.


Q-Bee took us to this food truck area, which had some really tasty offerings (I packed PB&J sandwiches for the Neanderthals – I mean, my sons), including a bacon-wrapped hot dog that Ane tried.

The stand's sign

But what I really wanted to try was the Snow Factory truck.  It wasn’t shave ice – it was shave ice cream.

Chocolate bowl

Ane, Tad, and Thumper shared a chocolate bowl, while I tried the coconut pineapple one.


They put toppings on as well, like the bursting boba pearls, mochi, and different sauces.  You can eat a whole bowl easily, even though it looks huge when you get it.  It’s so airy and fluffy.  It’s like the cotton candy of ice cream.

Then we strolled along the boardwalk in Haleiwa, doing a little shopping, stopping at the Island Vintage Coffee shop there (and yes, the Vintage Kona Mocha was still awesome), and looking at the very very VERY long line for Matsumoto’s Shave Ice, and deciding that Snow Factory and Island Vintage Coffee were plenty of treats.

We ended up back on the North Shore that evening for dinner, stopping at Killer Tacos (awesome Mexican food for cheap!) and then IL Gelato for dessert.  If you get there, the Kona Coffee gelato and the Sea Salt Caramel gelato were divine.  Tad, who never varied from wanting chocolate, got the Stracciatella (chocolate shavings in vanilla).  The Webmaster thought Thumper would share his Macadamia Nut gelato, but he decided he preferred my Kona Coffee gelato.

Poor Rerun.  All these cold treats, and he wouldn’t touch them.  He was more or less content to skip any frozen dessert (Q-Bee had snack bags of cookies, which usually satisfied him).  We take him to the home of shave ice, and get all adventurous with Snow Factory and local gelato, and he’s happy with a 100 Calorie snack bag of Chips Ahoy.  What can you do?

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