Hawaii, Day Seven (middle part) – Hula Pie

Once the Webmaster and Tad were back from the shark dive, we drove into Honolulu for lunch at Duke’s Waikiki.  While we waited, we could do a little shopping.

Bette and Berry go shopping

We were quite the full table once we sat down!

Table for 12

And keeping kids busy while we waited could take some doing.  But we ordered pretty quickly, and while the little boys didn’t expand their palates much (they went for the grilled cheese kids meals), Tad and Ane both tried the house fish and chips.  The Webmaster had the fish tacos, and I had the macadamia nut chicken katsu.  Mmmmmm.


But Duke’s is famous for one thing in particular, and we were not leaving without eating hula pie.

Hula pie!

Hula pie is really a giant slice of macadamia nut ice cream on top of a chocolate cookie crust, glazed with mocha chocolate, and topped with whipped cream and more macadamia nuts.  Rerun, true to form, refused any, but his siblings more than made up for his share.

Ane and Tad dig in

They even bring out these special hula pie long-handled sporks to eat it with.

Thumper eats hula pie

Thumper was in love with hula pie!

Feeding his face

Once the hula pie was polished off, we stopped outside for a quick picture on Waikiki Beach, with Diamond Head in the background.

Family on Waikiki

And then it was time to hurry back (okay, so we stopped for Island Vintage Coffee on the way) to the car, where we fought traffic back to the house, where we promptly changed clothes to go to, as Tad called it, the “Hawaiian dinner party.”  Otherwise known as a luau!

Continued tomorrow….

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