Hawaii, Day Seven (last part) – Luau!

We tried describing a luau to Tad when we were planning the trip.  The best we could do was “it’s like a Hawaiian dinner party.”

Which is what he promptly began calling it.  “We’re going to a Hawaiian dinner party!” he told everyone, while I quietly mouthed “luau” behind him.  I had even found the perfect shirt for the occasion.  Gymboree had their obligatory summer shark line, and there was a Hawaiian-print shirt among them.  Sharks poking out of the water among the palm trees and islands.  It cracked me up.  I got it for him to wear to the luau.  Which meant everyone else needed to dress up as well.

Family picture at the luau

The Webmaster had found his shirt (which has a mini shark print all over it) on his birthday.  I had bought Tad’s shirt here at home.  Thumper had a hand-me-down shirt from one of his brothers, who’d received it as a gift from my aunt and uncle from one of their previous trips to Hawaii.  Ane was wearing a sundress she’d inherited from Auntie which had a tropical floral print (I bought Auntie that dress – I think it was for her 9th grade party!).  I finally found a shirt for Rerun and a sundress for myself at the Dole Plantation store (which was HUGE).

Me and Tad

There were fun activities to do before the food was served, including holding parrots…


… getting airbrush tattoos…

Ane's tattoo

… and going on a canoe ride around the lagoon.  This is the only thing that Tad really wanted to do, and we stood in line quite a while for it.  When our turn came, Rerun joined in.

Going for a canoe ride

The boys rowed with more enthusiasm than skill.

Oars go IN the water

Which means I got splashed.  A lot.


Tad was somewhat apologetic.

Sorry, Mom

Once we were back on the shore, I got Rerun out carefully, because it wasn’t like we had clothes to change into if they fell in the lagoon.

Getting out

And Tad promptly ignored me and had wet shorts for the rest of the evening.


Good thing it was warm.

The kids had a pretty good time at the luau!

Mom and Rerun

Tad and Rerun

With the exception of Thumper, who was kind of confused by all of the hoopla around him.

Thumper and Daddy

The show was fun and impressive, but loud.


Ane and Tad – along with Belle and Berry – joined in the hula dancing lesson onstage.

Tad and Ane in the crowd

The crowd

I think the older boys enjoyed the show – and I know Ane did – but Thumper had hit the end of his capacity to cope, and spent most of the show distracted on the iPod and eating chocolate cake.  The things you can get away with on vacation…

And on our way out, the performers were around for pictures.  Ane asked if she could get a picture with one of them.  She picked this guy:

Ane and one of the show cast members

I must say, she has good taste!  (We teased her a bit.)

Then it was time to get back to the house (it was late) and get in bed – we had to be up on time in the morning!  We had a plane to catch!

2 Responses to “Hawaii, Day Seven (last part) – Luau!”

  1. Nana
    July 26th, 2016 08:01

    We laughed at all the antics! Adventure of a lifetime!

  2. Auntie
    July 26th, 2016 08:26

    You bought me the dress for Senior Breakfast! It was my “senior breakfast is tomorrow and I have nothing to wear” panic dress. 9th grade party was a dress from Ressis.