While You Were Traveloguing…

Okay, time to play catch-up on REAL life.  Once we got back from Hawaii, we had to get back into our normal routine.

The Webmaster went back to work.  I tried to get the kids back on schedule.

Ane did a week’s worth of swim camp (which she has done for the last few years), and had a “week off” before leaving this last Monday for church youth summer camp.  It’s her first time going, and she was very excited about it.  She comes back on Friday.

Tad got back into ABA and speech therapy.  He is now also addicted to his artist-quality woodless colored pencils – to the point where he is wanting to take them everywhere with him.  I think I might have to find some kind of portfolio for him to start carrying.

Rerun got his LEGO sets back out.  And his Angry Birds.  And the blocks.  And some puzzles.

Thumper also got back into ABA, and started speech therapy here at home with the lovely Miss J – who was once Tad’s speech therapist.  Miss J is now the mother of two, and she and her husband have moved back to the area after a couple of years in Colorado.  She was working in Colorado, but hasn’t since moving back to Washington and having baby #2.  I begged her to consider doing some at-home speech therapy with Thumper, at least for the summer.  If the arrangement continues to work (so far, so good – her oldest LOVES coming over to our house), I might be able to convince her to keep going into the school year.

And all these cool magnets went up on our fridge.

Hawaii magnets

Oh, and I also had to start planning Tad’s birthday party.  I finally talked him out of a Batman theme, and we are going to do a Hawaiian shark theme, in honor of his shark dive!  It will be a nice change.  I was running out of Batman ideas.

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