Weird Al, Live!!!

Because our summer is still full of fun… the Webmaster and I took Tad and Rerun to their very first concert, which happened to be at Woodland Park Zoo.  The schedule for the zoo’s annual concert series, ZooTunes, was released last February.  And when I saw it, I called up the Webmaster and said, “WEIRD AL IS ON THIS LIST AND WE HAVE TO GO.”

Mandatory Fun

We’d initially planned for Ane to go, but life demands hard choices.  When youth group summer camp was the same week as the concert, she said she still wanted to go to camp.  So we decided that Rerun could go instead.

They were prepared for the concert – we brought chairs!

The boys waiting

And there were lots of families with kids much younger than Rerun – including many small babies.  (Kids under 14 got in free with each adult ticket.)  We had prepared the boys for days with music videos and listening to CDs in the car, so they really knew the music (though they were well versed in some of the classics, especially the Star Wars parodies).

Rerun and Mom listen

Rerun’s current favorite song is “Word Crimes,” which Weird Al performed.  Rerun was thrilled.

Word Crimes

Tad was really enjoying himself, too.

Tad grins

Of course, the best part, as far as the boys were concerned, was the encore finale.

Weird Al with Vader and Stormtroopers

Everyone was singing, and cheering – it was fantastic!

Rerun and Dad

And when it was over, we stopped by the concert swag tent.  Rerun saw the Word Crimes T-shirt, and said he had to have it.  Of course, it doesn’t come in kid sizes, so I bought it in my size.  Maybe he’ll let me borrow it, but in the meantime, he has a new nightshirt.

Rerun's new nightshirt

This concert will definitely make the “what I did this summer” essays more interesting in the fall!

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