The Cousins Go To The Zoo

The same day we arrived home from Hawaii, Ressis, Oddball, and the cousins arrived from New York!  The kids went from one group of cousins in Hawaii to another group waiting here at home!

So we went to the zoo, because that is a good way to work off energy.  Plus, as Ane found out, the zoo has 43 Pokestops in it.  She found out the zoo has public wi-fi and picked up 15 Pokemon while she was there.

The cousins (minus Thumper)

Since the cousins have not been to Woodland Park in a few years, we made sure that we saw what they were most interested in.  Little Cowgirl wanted to see the “kimono” dragon.

Komodo dragon

Little Cousin wanted to see the snow leopard, but I couldn’t get a good photo of him because he was tucked in the corner – visible, but not good lighting.  But she saw him.

Little Cousin

The other animal she really wanted to see was a peacock – but they roam wild around the zoo.  Fortunately, we did run into one, which made her day!

Little Hawk saw zebras, giraffes, tigers and penguins.


They also enjoyed the reptile house, which is where Tad and Rerun really wanted to go.  The yellow spotted side necked turtles (which swim) were voted a group favorite.

Watching turtles

Thumper really wanted to be out and walking, but as Ressis has dubbed him “the ninja” because of his stealthy sneak-away skills, he really did have to either be with me or in the stroller.

Ticket to ride

But he did get plenty of play and walking time in… enough to almost instantly crash once we got in the van.

The zoo was not nearly as crowded as I thought it might be, but the day started out overcast, which amateurs don’t realize is actually a GOOD thing for the zoo – the animals don’t like coming out in hot weather.  They move around much more when it’s mild.  We also got great parking spots in the shade.

Mark this one down as a successful outing!

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