Pokemon Is Still A Go

Pokemon was big when I was in college.  I used to watch the cartoon because it was funny.  Obachan thought I was nuts.  (It wasn’t the first time she thought that.)

So even though I’m not playing Pokemon Go, I know the basics of how this is supposed to work and all the names of the Pokemon.

Ever since Ane started playing on her iPod (which needs a wi-fi connection), I have been out on a couple of different walks with her by ourselves.  But last night, we had a neighborhood Pokemon search party, and I was the designated wi-fi hotspot and parent chaperone.

Pokemon trainers

Ane is standing with Lolly (representing Team Valor), and Little Mo is with Lolly’s sister Kara (representing Team Mystic), and Rerun was just out for a scooter run (and he likes watching Ane get Pokemon).

Hey, if it gets the kids out walking around and enjoying each other’s company, I can’t complain too much.

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