The Suite Game of Baseball

The Webmaster got the chance, though a vendor company at his work, to go to the Mariners game yesterday.  And he could bring a guest.  AND, the vendor was getting a suite for the game.

So, we got Grandma and Gichan to babysit for us, and we were off to the game!!!

And WOW.  I mean, WOW.  I had never been on the suite level before (though Auntie has been through there lots, and the Webmaster and Ane walked/ran through when they did the Safeco Field 5K last month).  If I thought the 200-level Terrace Club was nice, THIS was a whole new standard.

The suite

Inside of the suite

All the suites are named after famous ball players – some of them really old.  This was the Paul Waner suite.

Paul Waner plaque

And THIS was our view.

From right field

It was SO COOL.

The Webmaster and me

There was food, and drinks, and snacks, and more food, and did I mention the food?

Food and baseball

I had staked out two seats in the front row of the suite, which had comfortable padded chairs and a table ledge in front of us to hold our food.  Salted peanuts in the shell.  Hamburgers.  Hot dogs.  Salad.  Chicken tenders.  Veggie tray.  Chips.  Drinks.

In the 7th inning, they brought a Keurig in and let us make our own coffee – and put out the cookies and brownies.  I think it was about that point that I told the Webmaster to call home and tell the kids we were moving into a suite at Safeco.  (Impractical, yes, but only because the kids would complain about sleeping on the floor for the rest of their lives.)

Of course, the Mariners did us the favor of beating the Red Sox 3-1, which helped the experience immensely.

This was one of those rare times where the Webmaster and I got to do something really special – and we did it without the kids (sorry, guys) – and it’s not something we’ll be repeating any time soon, which made it even more unique and fabulous.  I joked with the Webmaster that he could have passed this off as an anniversary present, except that it didn’t cost him anything.  (Some of his co-workers were supposed to come, and then decided not to.  Their loss.  And it was a HUGE loss.)  Auntie stopped in to check it out (and snagged a plate), and we agreed that it’s one of the best experiences that Safeco has to offer.  Never pass up a chance to go to a suite, especially when it’s offered to you for free!!!

(Thanks for babysitting, Mom and Dad.  We owe you.)

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  1. Nana
    August 4th, 2016 06:21

    Happy Anniversary month!!