No More Sharing

Hey, kids?

I approve of most sharing.

I do NOT approve of sharing fevers and sore throats.

Rerun came down with it on Thursday evening, and his fever finally started to break on Saturday – after we took him to the pediatrician’s office and learned that it was viral, not strep.  (So no insta-cure with antibiotics.)

He was well enough by Sunday night that we felt confident he wouldn’t have to miss Tad’s party on Monday.  But then Thumper spiked a temperature.  And he collapsed on the couch and fell asleep – something he never does anymore.

My give up. My give up.

So the Webmaster missed the party and stayed home with him, and I canceled his regular ABA session on Tuesday (they have sick policies, plus his therapist is pregnant).

Fortunately, his fever broke by Tuesday afternoon, so… fingers crossed that there will be no more sharing.

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