Tad’s Birthday Weekend

After celebrating his actual birthday on Friday, with one present from Mom and Dad…

New game!

… and getting to go out to dinner with Grandma and Gichan all by himself, we drove down to Nana and Papa’s house for the Jubilee parade (otherwise known as “collect ALL the candy!”) and another birthday present.

At Nana and Papa's

He got another LEGO gift card – just what he wanted!

Then it was time for the family party on Sunday!


I did my best to recreate the luau food, right down to the jello blocks.  Tad approved of my efforts, and the haupia was a hit, even if it didn’t set up quite as firmly as I would have liked.

Tad with his presents

While he got a lot of LEGO gift cards (people know of his dreams), he did get a few special gifts.  Like this T-shirt…

UW Vader!

He spends so much time at the university, he might as well be a student!

But the really special gift was this creation by Gichan, commemorating his shark dive, with a jaw and a tooth that Grandma and Gichan had gotten on previous trips to Hawaii.

Tad's shark shadow box

Now we just have to hang it up in his room!

The birthday boy enjoyed his party and cake – featuring sharks and a diver in a cage.

Tad and cake

What a way to turn eleven!

And I won’t say his age, but today is Gichan’s birthday!  Happy birthday!!! 

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  1. Nana
    August 15th, 2016 07:09

    What a birthday to remember!!