May the Force Be With Fireworks

Star Wars fireworks night at the Mariners game did not disappoint!

With the Moose!

Each kid had a lightsaber…

Lightsabers up!

Little boys duel

… and Ane was rocking the buns.

Ane and the Webmaster

The kids were armed and ready with those lightsabers.  Last year, they made the big screen by having a mock fight in the stands.  So they did it again.  And again.  By the top of the third inning, we had a cameraman, camera on shoulder, standing in front of us, ready to film them.

Ready for their close up

And there they were!

On the big screen!!

And because I had plenty of warning, I actually got a couple good shots as proof!


We got on again at the top of the fifth inning, more by accident than anything else, because I was waving Thumper’s green lightsaber for him while he was sitting in my lap.  Those lightsabers were like camera magnets.  Eventually, everyone else figured that out, too.  We didn’t make it back on after that.  Even with the world’s cutest Vader with us.

My dark side has cookies

We won the game (yay!) and the fireworks were awesome!


But it all made for an insanely late night.  It was well after midnight when we got home.  Thumper barely twitched as we took him out of the car and got him ready for bed.

But it was worth it!

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