Indulge the Spectrum

There are days when you don’t argue with the autism spectrum. There are only the days where you can hope to appease it and wear it down. And if trampoline jumping while watching YouTube videos of the 20th Century Fox fanfare on a loop is what the spectrum demands, that’s what happens.

Thumper jumps

Thumper loves the fanfare.  I blame the Star Wars soundtracks that he’s listened to since he was born.  Fortunately, there are people on YouTube who have made videos of the 20th Century Fox logo and fanfare that cover the entire history of the film studio (which started in 1914), so I can find videos that are 6 to 9 minutes long that just play the fanfare over and over and over and over and over again.

Ane officially now hates the fanfare.  It actually sounds like white noise to me, so I can tune it out fairly easily.

But I’ll be glad when this particular craze passes, and he seizes on a new favorite piece of music.  Maybe one that lasts longer than 21 seconds when played through.

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