7th Grade Orientation Day!

Ane spent most of yesterday (and props to the Webmaster, he was there with her) at her new junior high, getting registered for stuff, getting her picture taken and her ASB card, and seeing what her schedule will be for next year.  She got most of the classes she wanted, but is mad because she opted for two PE classes (only one was required) and she only got one.  And they gave her an art class instead – which I think was dead last in her elective choices.  But she did get computer aided design and robotics, and found out that a good friend was in her science class.

And we found out that we had to get her a sports physical in order for her to participate in cross country this fall.  ????  I didn’t think that started until high school!  Fortunately, because she had her physical within the last year, the doctor’s office just fills out the forms and signs off on them.  *whew*

Ane and her friends

I can’t believe I have a 7th grader.

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