First Day of School 2016!

Well, I had to wait until they were all off – and that took about an hour and a half.  Longer, because Tad’s bus was late.

First, Ane!  Seventh grade!

Ane, 7th grade

Thumper missed the memo about it not being his first day of school for another two weeks, and tried photobombing his sister.


Silly boy.

7th grade and lipstick

After she left, Rerun’s bus was next up.  His is scheduled to arrive about an hour after hers.  He’s a first grader now!

Rerun, first grade

He was pretty excited about school, AND getting to eat lunch AT SCHOOL.

1st grade

His bus arrived right on schedule, and he was raring to go!

On the long bus ride

Tad’s bus was supposed to arrive a half hour after Rerun’s.  First day of fifth grade!

Tad, 5th grade

Grandma and Gichan brought back this awesome T-shirt from their visit to the Major and Q-Bee.  When the Webmaster and Tad did their shark dive, they didn’t have T-shirts in Tad’s size (at least, not when the Webmaster looked).  Grandma and Gichan found one for him and gave it to him.

My summer

It’s his entire summer vacation, summed up in one T-shirt!

5th grade

And then we went outside and waited… and waited… and waited… and then I finally called transportation at 8:58, because his bus was 15 minutes late and school starts at 9:10.

They assured me that his bus was on the way.  It showed up 3 minutes later.

On the bus! Finally!

FINALLY, he was off!  (Good thing kids are not marked tardy if the bus brings them late to school.)

And now Thumper is jumping on the trampoline, undisturbed by pushy siblings who are tired of watching the 20th Century Fox fanfare on a repeating loop.  Yay school!

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