Rerun Speaks – Spelling Edition

The reports back from the first day of school were quite positive!

I got a handwritten note from Rerun’s teacher, assuring me that “overall” he’d had a good day.  She did detail a couple of moments where he needed to “take a break” back in the special ed room.  Apparently one of them resulted from him not knowing how to spell a word.

Yeah, his teachers from last year could have told you that incorrect spelling is one of his biggest hang-ups.

Over dinner, I said to Rerun, “Mrs. D said in her note that you had a hard time spelling a word.  What was the word?”

Rerun: (without missing a beat) “Aquarium.”

Me: (head to table)

Ane: (busts out laughing)

Any other first graders out there concerned with their spelling?  Or do I have the only kid who is freaking out over how he can’t spell “aquarium” on the first day of first grade?

Oh, Rerun.  You certainly make life interesting.

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