Birthday Fun!

Yes, it was my birthday yesterday.  I got many well-wishes on Facebook, and in person and over the phone, but the day ended with the Webmaster and the boys taking me out to Red Robin for dinner.  (Ane was at youth group, having dinner there, and she’d already said it was okay with her if we went out.)

Thumper had forgotten to nap during the day, and he just barely made it to the restaurant awake.

Sleepy happy lashes

The promise of fries was all that was needed to keep him going.

The Webmaster brought along my birthday presents from him and the kids.  I got The Jedi Doth Return (a Shakespearean parody of The Return of the Jedi) and a very cool new purse.

Mariners purse!!!

Why yes, that is the Seattle Mariners logo printed on the leather of my new purse.  Go Mariners!!!

I had a very happy birthday, even though time stops for no one, and both Thumper and Tad had therapy yesterday.  Back to real life….

One Response to “Birthday Fun!”

  1. Linda
    September 29th, 2016 07:51

    Happy Belated Birthday! You are as Beautiful and Ageless as always! Hugs and love!