Reunion Night

Yes, it really has been 20 years since I graduated from high school.  Our class held a 20 year reunion party locally on Friday night, which was a much more relaxed and entertaining experience than the 10 year reunion.

At the 10 year reunion, there was such an air of awkwardness.  The 20 year reunion had almost none of that, once enough people arrived.  Apparently, once 20 years pass, you can say to people “sorry, I don’t remember you at all” and no one is the least bit offended.  That made the night so much easier on everyone, and while I did see friends that I have stayed in touch with over the last 20 years (even more so in the last six, thanks to Facebook), there are some who I only see at these reunions because they live out of the area.

The Webmaster was my date (and I was very glad to have him there), and his naturally extroverted personality made it easy for him to fit in.  That, and he didn’t have the joy of having his senior yearbook picture on his nametag, like my classmates and I did.

But it was a very fun and full evening, cut short only by the ticking clock and knowing that Grandma (who was babysitting) really didn’t want to stay out past midnight.

At the reunion

Besides, we’re getting too old to stay out that late anyway.

One Response to “Reunion Night”

  1. Linda
    October 3rd, 2016 07:43

    Beauties, each and every one! Memories, especially of High School Days, can be traumatic! This will be a Happy Memory! You had the handsomest ‘date’ for the evening!hugs!