Another Tooth Bites The Dust

After weeks of shark teeth, I’d had enough.

So I pulled a tooth out of Rerun’s mouth.

Another tooth out!

It must have been at least three weeks ago when I noticed that the next adult tooth had broken through in Rerun’s mouth – right next to the other new tooth.  “Oh, look at that!  You’ll be losing another tooth by the end of the week!” I predicted.

Rerun, being his usual stubborn self, refused to let me touch it, and didn’t want to wiggle it himself.  Meanwhile, the adult tooth kept moving forward, and forward, and then sat in a holding pattern, waiting for the baby tooth to vacate.

With one tooth waiting behind another, I joked that Rerun had the “shark teeth” look going.

But, after I bugged him yet again to wiggle it, and heard a definite creaking, I knew that tooth was ready to pop.  A little gauze, a couple of pulls, and out it came!

It probably could have been out a while ago, but at least it came out relatively easily.

And Rerun was excited to leave it under his pillow for the Tooth Fairy.

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