Art of the Week – Abstract

This week’s art lesson had another tale of a famous artist to inspire the end product.  This time, I had never heard of the artist in question, Joan Miro, a Spanish “painter, sculptor, and ceramicist” of the early 20th century (who died in 1983 at 90 years old).

Look how educated we are all becoming about art!

The result of looking at abstract and surrealist design was this project:

Miro-inspired art

The lines were achieved by giving the kids yarn loops to drop on the page, and then trace.  Overlapping lines were colored in with oil pastels, and then the whole picture was watercolored.  A few motif designs were also tossed in, and somehow a cat’s head made it in there, too.

The Webmaster swears he can see Batman in there.  I kind of see a shark.  I guess abstract art leaves each person to their own interpretation.

One Response to “Art of the Week – Abstract”

  1. Linda
    October 11th, 2016 05:48

    Very colorful! Thank you, Tad, for your Talent! Hugs!